It's Time to Pull Up Your Old Carpet

It's Time to Pull Up Your Old Carpet

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Carpet is hard to beat in terms of comfort, safety and affordability-but carpet can add a beautiful, cozy look to your home as well. If you want to install carpet in your home or business, choose Simpson Carpet Company for the job. Pick out the carpet you want from our warehouse, and then we'll install it quickly.

We carry a variety of brands for you to choose from. Stop by our carpet store today to find exactly what you need.

5 signs it's time to replace your carpet

Between spills and general wear and tear, your carpet will wear down over time. Here are some signs that it's time to invest in new carpeting:

  1. You have noticeable stains on your carpet
  2. You have mold or water damage
  3. Your carpet smells bad or unusual
  4. Your carpet is discolored
  5. Your carpet looks worn or old

Don't settle for a dull or dingy carpet. We have beautiful options at our carpet store that you'll love.